Staff/Contact Us

        Minister – Rev. Milo Van Veldhuizen – 319-750-3967

         Office Manager –  Patricia Gorman – 319-524-1191

                          Choir Director – Daniel Proctor

                               Organist – Leah Williams

                             Choir Organist – Lana Proctor


                         2030 Plank Road Keokuk, IA 52632

                              Church office –   319-524- 1191


 About us:

A defining feature of St. Paul United Church of Christ
denomination is our inclusiveness.  We don’t believe God turns anyone
away and neither do we!  We welcome all people regardless of beliefs,
age, marital/family status, orientation, or background.

We value diversity in culture and the people of God, the grace of God, spiritual growth, unity, Biblical truth, faith sharing, worship, servant leadership, and integrity in ministry.